Visiplex Life

A compendium of posts I feel have a special connection to my life.

Waiting on Death

I’m the only one in the building who knows the bulk of the reality. It’s a heavy load. Not the fact that I’m the keeper of such important and private news, but that I’m stuck here, helpless to do anything to help a family I’ve grown to love. I tell myself that being on the other end of the nightly updates is solace enough. It’s better than nothing. Tears flow down my cheeks as I read the words that hurt and I can only guess how it must feel to be on the other side. I’m crushed with a sense of all the missed opportunities to collect more memories for the family. If only I didn’t require so much more quite time so my brain could rest. There were photo opportunities missed, I’m sure. But the real loss was missed conversation…Read More

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