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Dignity, Humanity, and the Human Condition

We’ve all seen fear, we’ve all felt fearful, but the gravity of fear bestowed upon oneself from another is a reality unto its own. This fear goes beyond anxiety of uncertainty. It’s the fear that comes with certain knowledge of a terrible, unwanted fate. Near death. Fear that a ride to the hospital is a…

Now That Cupid Found Death, The Aftermath Begins

My computer is filled with images of Jessica. Candids and group shots alike as chronicled by the various events, activities, and random moments of living over the last six months. I found myself scrolling through them earlier and now I struggle with the question: am I capturing life, creating memories with my omnipresent camera or am I chronicling death?

Narrative On My Life

My blog posts get precious few veiws in a day. Or week. To those of you who continue reading, commenting and/or following my, thank you. Perhaps you have noitced that the general theme of my posts has been less than conversational. Im feeling less than chatty these days. I’ve got lot on my mind. Can’t…