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BINGO Throwndown (Gently) 

The least among us aren’t the least amongst us all. It was a BINGO Throwdown pitting teams of senior citizens (BINGO-playing experts) with kids, two generations younger, as their partners. It wasn’t competitive, it was empowering. Big-eyed toddlers looked up to their partners for advice and assistance, expecting patience and wisdom. Given the opportunity to…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

Life is complicated, at best. If we are lucky we share our lives with a handful of trustworthy people looking to do nothing more not make life any more difficult, maybe go so far as to have a few laugh, make some memories. And if we’re careful enough not to get in our own way, sometimes the good times roll. Life is way too short let the good times roll right past us because we got caught up looking for perfection in a sea in perfectly wonderful.

I often let others use my camera to capture moments in time, some planned attempt at humor, or a nice group shot. I only recently came to embrace their –full auto– mode to the point that, upon removing lens cap and handing over camera, I automatically turn the dial the to that little green rectangle that was once unfamiliar territory to me. As I’m handing over the camera, I smile and say, “already have in full auto for you.” and I’m rarely given less than a genuine, “Thank you!” in reply. I’m getting quicker about figuring out which situations are best for me to pop off my straight 50 lens and pop on something with some “wide” control on it. I don’t think about repositioning me to get people in the frame and I prefer the DOF that I get out the 50, but it’s nothing but a barrier to capturing the memory and it can even impede the fun for other people.

Does it really matter if a profile candid has background as crisp as the subject or some other object in the foreground. No. Does it matter that I ever tried to let my personal preferences on camera settings let what truly have the potential of last memories ever get in the way. YES!

Much like the kit lens that came with my camera, I needed the ability to widen my view so I could see the bigger picture. Life is about the people, the moment, the story behind the print. If I really feel like I must add something to a photo, there are a thousand different ways to add effects in post and I have all the time I care to spend tweaking sliders up and down but I’ll never get back my actual live moment.

Sometimes life is about getting over ourselves before we can find out how best we fit in or how we can make a difference in our little slice of society. I’m getting there, and while it took some time and it took someone telling how she can’t use my camera with confidence (or with less confidence) if it’s not set to full auto, to realize that just getting the moment is what I need to tell the story…at least I had the lens cap off.

Life is always better together, my friends. Don’t be your own roadblock.

Now That Cupid Found Death, The Aftermath Begins

My computer is filled with images of Jessica. Candids and group shots alike as chronicled by the various events, activities, and random moments of living over the last six months. I found myself scrolling through them earlier and now I struggle with the question: am I capturing life, creating memories with my omnipresent camera or am I chronicling death?

Waiting On Death

I’m the only one in the building who knows the bulk of the reality. It’s a heavy load. Not the fact that I’m the keeper of such important and private news, but that I’m stuck here, helpless to do anything to help a family I’ve grown to love. I tell myself that being on the…

The Little Things

I’ve learned it’s best to sit and watch, listen more than talk, smile with my eyes as much as my mouth, and always, ALWAYS, be prepared to photograph the mundane. A candid shot of mundane in my world is often an action shot to someone’s son or daughter. Proof of life being lived or comfort…

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